When exactly will HTC phones be getting Android Pie?

When exactly will HTC phones be getting Android Pie?
When exactly will HTC phones be getting Android Pie?

Android Q is now only just months away, and at this moment in time, HTC users are still waiting on their flagship to get on the Pie bandwagon. Today though, HTC finally announced on both Facebook as well as Twitter as to when its flagship smartphones will get Google’s latest software.

As per the Taiwanese company, the HTC U11 will be getting the update to Pie sometime this month. As far as the U12 Plus is concerned, the phone will be getting the update sometime in June, while the U11 Plus will be eligible for the Pie update in late next month.

The users of HTC have longed for the Pie update, and while it might finally be time for most of the company’s phones to be eligible for the update, it shouldn’t have took so long. The company first announced the rollout for Pie all the way back in August of last year, when Google went on to officially release the update’s final public version. Since then, the Android One edition of the U11 Life has been the only phone which has gone on to receive Android Pie.

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The worst part about it all is that the HTC sense version of the U11 Life won’t actually end up with Android Pie, even though it and its Android One sibling go on to share pretty much the same hardware. Another disappointment comes in the form of the U12 Plus owners having to wait yet another month for Pie, even though the phone is the company’s current flagship device.

And while you have to give credit to HTC for rolling out the Pie update for its phones, it might be a little too late for some people, who might have already moved on.


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