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When will Gayle retire?

So the legendary batsman who plays for the West Indies International Cricket team has left all of his fans in utter confusion over the decision of his eventual retirement from the game of cricket. It is now believed that the former skipper will not be retiring from international cricket yet. Now we know that there were rumors going around about the retirement of the legendary batsmen but it seems that is unlikely now. The Universal Boss, another title associated with this gem of a personality has pulled off an Afridi, which means that just like Shahid Afridi Chris Gayle has once again surprised his fans by first speculating about his retirement and then to completely back out from the possibility of that ever happening. Chris Gayle is not yet done with cricket folks.

Following the first series that took place after the major cricket carnival set at the World Cup 2019, it was widely believed that the former West Indies captain would be playing play his final ODIs in the series which took place in the West Indies against India. The man walked in to the field with a mesmerizing 301 numbered shirt, which basically represents the amount of ODIs he played for West Indies. Many people seemingly awaited for the farewell moment in the  match in which he smashed 72 from 41 balls showcasing his style of play. What’s more is that he was even given a proper farewell by the Indian side and the crowd.

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After the match had ended the Indian Captain Virat Kohli even went on to pay his tribute to the amazing record breaking batsman who had only just crossed Brian Lara as the all time top run-scorer for West Indies. Kohli shared how he admired Gayle as a person but like all of us here he too was unaware of what the Universal Boss had planned.

Chris Gayle even this late in his career has once again surprised his fans after what seems to be decision taken by him to not retire yet.In a brief post-match interview, the 39-year-old said that he didn’t announce any retirement, which has left the cricketing world in a shock which seems hard to come out of. Many of us were sure that this would be his final moments as a West Indies player, but if Chris Gayle is known for one thing it his ability to surprise and shock the people who follow him.


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