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WHO Praises Pakistan For Their Efforts In Containing Covid And Mantaining Economy

World Health Organization (WHO) boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has indeed applauded on the reaction of Pakistan to the Covid, saying the nation figured out how to battle the pandemic while permitting its economy to get as the nation settles. 

In a commentary in the British online paper The Independent, Tedros noticed that Pakistan had conveyed the foundation worked over numerous years for polio to battle Covid-19. 

“Network wellbeing laborers who have been prepared to go entryway to-entryway immunizing kids against polio have been redeployed and used for observation, contact following and care,” he composed. 

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He said this technique had “stifled the infection so that, as the nation settles, the economy is likewise now getting indeed”. 

Pakistan’s reaction strengthens “the exercise that the decision isn’t between controlling the infection or sparing the economy; the two go connected at the hip”, the WHO boss included. 

Other than Pakistan, Tedros chose certain different nations for acclaim, prominently Thailand, Italy and Uruguay, for their treatment of the pandemic. 

He said the bleak achievement of 1,000,000 Covid-19 passings should prod the planet into retaliating against the infection, demanding that it was “never past the point where it is possible to make something happen”.


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