Why is Google hiding this app?

Google hiding this app

If you want to go and find all the Android app that Google has gone on to create, then all you would have to do is visit the Google LLC page on the Play Store. However, for reasons unknown, you won’t exactly find one of the more newer apps on the list. This particular app happens to be called Device Lock Controller. And the official description of the app coming from the Play Store is as follows : “Device lock controller enables device management for credit providers. Your provider can remotely restrict access to your device if you don’t make payments. If your device is restricted, basic functionality such as emergency calling and access to settings will still be available.”

Hence in the brief, it is quite clear that the app goes on to allow lenders to limit the functionality of Android devices that happen to be owned by borrowers. In theory, you could actually buy a smartphone via a lender and that lender could have pre-installed this particular app. If in the case where you defaulted on your loan, the lender would then have the option to shut down specific functions of your phone until you proceed on to rectify the situation.

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This particular app happens to represent a rather strange avenue for Google. In addition to the fact that the nature of the app is quite peculiar to say the least, it also strangely happens to be hidden away on the Play Store – in the process of being separated from the rest of the Google LLC products.

We’re actually in the dark as to what the app represents, its nature and also why it is in the process of being hidden in the first place. We do expect Google to come out with a response sometime soon as to the meaning of all this, and till then, stay tuned!


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