Why is there a global labor shortage?

Why is there a global labor shortage

The Covid-19 Pandemic changed the labor market, possibly forever.

Many economies are returning to pre-pandemic levels. Manufacturing companies aren’t working at their full potential.

Before the pandemic, the manufacturing sector was in severe shortage.

Studies have shown that 8,000,000 jobs could be lost by 2030.

Companies, and specifically manufacturers, have not been able to attract the talent they need to produce after the pandemic.

Why is there a shortage of labor?

Factors such as the Russian Invasion can have an impact on manufacturing companies.

The problem is not limited to war.

Employees are concerned about their rights and want to be heard. They don’t want companies to dictate their views.

“The primary cause of the labor shortage are the years of neglecting workers’ feelings and needs and the fact that they don’t need to align with companies’ interests and that they have enormous power over their work-life balance,” stated Marko Sever Business Development Consultant.

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You work for your personal life and not vice versa. The pandemic has demonstrated that most people can manage the fear of losing work and it is not the end.

Are there enough professionals available?

Many professionals have moved to different industries, according to Tomas Hes.

There are enough professionals looking for a job. The market must adapt.

Hens stated that the pandemic caused an increase in uncertainty in many economic sectors, leading to the migration of professionals to one segment.

“The labor shortfall does not mean a lack of professionals. It involves the tectonic shifts that occur in the way the market demands connect to the labor available.

How can we solve the labor shortage?

Marko server stated that “The long-term effects of this phenomenon will mean that companies will have to adapt and change how they persuade employeesto go for them with better offers and solutions.”

“Companies that don’t adapt to these new circumstances will lose their market position and, in extreme cases, may disappear.”

” The office space must be completely redesigned. It will not be about employers or their space anymore, but it will serve as a place for interaction, meetings and other possibilities. “


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