Wife of Justice Isa Refuses to Accept Rs35m Tax Liability

Wife of Justice Isa Refuses to Accept Rs35m Tax Liability
Wife of Justice Isa Refuses to Accept Rs35m Tax Liability

The wife of Supreme Court judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa has wouldn’t acknowledge a tax risk of Rs35 million, as proclaimed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). 

In an announcement gave on Friday because of a FBR letter, she said she was being “denounced unheard” and hence planned to document an allure against the request. 

Sarena Isa asserted in her letter that a “group of Prime Minister Imran Khan” — including Law Minister Farogh Naseem, counsel on accountability and inside Mirza Shahzad Akbar, previous lawyer general Anwar Mansoor Khan, Mohammad Ashfaq Ahmed and Zulfiqar Ahmed from a “non-autonomous FBR” just as the complainant — created a bogus body of evidence against her in intrigue with one another. 

She said that “Mr Akbar set up and led a private association, the Assets Recovery Unit (ARU), and named an administration worker, Ashfaq Ahmed, as its part. These honorable men coordinated FBR’s Zulfiqar Ahmed to set up a report, which he did, against my better half and me in a day”. 

She proceeded to proclaim that Nausheen Amjad, the administrator of FBR, was supplanted and a picked official selected. This was done on July 4, 2020, or following the Supreme Court had given its request on June 19. 

Wife of Justice Isa Refuses to Accept Rs35m Tax Liability

“In any case, the new chosen administrator was incidentally named for the length of my case; something which had never occurred,” Wife of Justice Isa said. 

Her announcement called attention to that “of the apparent multitude of magistrates in FBR the one chose by Mr Imran Khan’s group was Mr Zulfiqar Ahmed, a courteous fellow who had just offered his input against my better half and me on May 10, 2019”. 

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She said the official didn’t have lawful purview nor regional ward for her situation since her profits had consistently been documented in Karachi. Just a Karachi-based authority could investigate her tax undertakings. 

“Mr Zulfiqar Ahmed has now concocted a 164-page request dated September 14, 2020 and made a fake tax obligation of over Rs35 million. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether he composed the request himself,” her announcement said. 

Refering to the FBR request, she said the official even referenced that “I rejected the conveyance of notice on June 25, 2020, the day my dad passed on, and so as to mortify my better half he additionally tended to the notification to Justice Isa’s authentic home”. 

She said that endeavors were even made to scare the tax advisor whom she had reached. 

She likewise guaranteed that passing dangers were flung at her better half that were “probably not going to be a simple happenstance”. 

The administration all alone ought to have enrolled a FIR against the psychological militant who had promised to kill a Supreme Court judge, she stated, however it looked the other way. “I needed to go myself to the police headquarters with a composed protest,” Wife of Justice Isa included. 

As indicated by her announcement, the police sat idle and the issue was alluded to the Federal Investigation Agency without her insight. The main Justice, notwithstanding, paid heed and continued in the issue.


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