Cable-free expectations could shortly become reality. It seems that Apple is examining the opportunity to charge a smartphone by harvesting the energy broadcasting through the radio signals. Apple just patented a technology which can let the users charge their batteries wirelessly either throughout the WiFi signals, mobile data signals or the satellite signals.

The Cupertino-based tech giant would be using the spectrum of radio Wifi signals that is normally used for data communication. This kind of charging may not be feasible through the usual antennas; as an alternative special antenna would be used to produce these energies. The whole scheme will come with two pairs of devices; one would be the transmitter machine while the other end would be used to accept the signals.

As of now the wireless array that would charge the smartphone is inadequate, Apple, however, is working to perk up the range by employing different methods. Apple previously has published as much as five special wireless charging copyrights during the present year. It is predictable to be released in toward the latter half of 2017, which would attach in with the expected release of three projected new models of iPhone.

We have already been hearing rumors about Apple looking to fit in long-distance wireless charging in the forthcoming Apple flagship smartphones. The initiative to use the data waves, though, looks new and fantastic.

Some technology sites are recommending customers to hold off on upgrading their iPhones in anticipation of the next year’s version, which will spot the 10-year anniversary of Apple’s ground-breaking handset.


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