You will be able to control LG’s 2018 TVs with spoken commands requests

You will be able to control LG’s 2018 TVs with spoken commands requests
You will be able to control LG’s 2018 TVs with spoken commands requests

You will be able to control LG’s 2018 TVs with spoken commands requests. Wait is going to be over as CES 2018 is almost here as the event has got quite significance for all tech companies and yet the South Korean giant LG has made some core announcements for the show. LG has announced its latest version of processor called as “Alpha 9”.

The new Alpha 9 processor is now replacing the previous Alpha 7 with LG growing “ThinQ®” series. This Alpha 9 processor is an advanced image processor with high-speed performance.

It is pertinent to mention here that Alpha 9 is the most advanced processor to be launched for LG OLED TVs. In a bid to make TV’s even smarter than ever before, Alpha 9 artificial intelligence (AI) processor has been integrated into the TVs by LG.

LG is sure about one thing that Alpha 9 would provide the finest picture processing aspects as LG calls “picture quality close to perfection.” According to company this processor has a four-step noise relief process that offers clearest and excellent image quality with smooth high colors.

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With it smoother and clear motion picture Alpha 9 is prepared to hold up next generation high frame rate content created at 120 fps. In nutshell, this new processor will produce an amazing viewing experience of sports and action movies. I bet we are clearly going to relish this experience.

The latest Alpha 9 is a self-assisting and self-programming processor and it is even more powerful processor with a natural language processing. By having this amazing feature, users can have access to the smart TV by voice reorganization. Isn’t amazing? Well, it is.

This feature will be able to control the Smart TV with spoken commands requests by means of the microphone that is integrated into the TV remote.

In simple words, after this advancement, anybody simply has to tell the device what to do and the device will carry out that exact task.

To put in the show, LG shows a few of examples by performing different tasks like, “Show me all the movies this actor has starred in,” or “Turn off the TV”.

With the help of Google Assistant software, the AI processor keeps on learning the voice requests that the TV can’t handle and mange. The TV will also facilitate you to let be in charge of the other LG’s smart home appliances.

On the other hand, this is much better than earlier hardware as they have enhanced the color correction algorithm. Unsurprisingly, LG isn’t saying something about the pricing or accessibility of the new 2018 TV range although the users can see the specs and features at CES 2018.


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