It seems as if Samsung might be looking towards one final push as with regards to its latest Galaxy S20 series. Indeed there is now the claim that the company is looking to launch a phone internally named as the “Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.”

While of course this isn’t the confirmed name, it seems as if the device will be a toned down version of the Galaxy S20 – perhaps a concept much similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy S10 Lite.

It is said that the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will arrive with three different models – one of which will feature globally, but will not offer 5G. The other models are said to feature with 5G but will not be available all across the world. Also, it is expected that all the models will feature with the Korean manufacturer’s upcoming One UI 2.5 skin layered all over Android 10.

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While for now, not much else is known about the device, the rumor mill suggests that it will feature with at least 128 gigs of internal storage.

If the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is indeed Samsung’s way of introducing a Lite version for its 2020 flagship, then it might just end up being what Samsung needs most at this time – revival in terms of the sheer sales of its S series flagship. As a result of the coronavirus, the S20 series have been dealt with a huge blow – also, a general change in smartphone buying behavior too contributed to Samsung’s dismay. And so, a cheaper S20 with a powerful chipset might just be what the company is looking for.

Such news also means that the countries where Samsung usually launches its S series flagships with the aid of its Exynos chipsets might be getting the Snapdragon instead. Indeed last year we saw the S10 Lite featuring with the Snapdragon 855 chipset being launched in India – and it was the first S-series device to feature within the country that came with a Qualcomm processor. Following the same suite, it is then quite possible that Samsung may end up launching the S20 Fan Edition with the Snapdragon 865 processor – something which is certainly likely to excite many people – especially those who have been deprived of what Qualcomm’s best has to offer.


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