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Win This Game And Get 83 Years Of Netflix For Free!

Netflix has concocted a really one of a kind method to advance its ongoing Netflix Original film ‘The Old Guard,’ featuring Charlize Theron and her band of honorable godlike soldiers of fortune. The acclaimed gushing application has declared that whoever dominates the match, i.e., figures out how to hit the most noteworthy score will get a Netflix membership for a long time that converts into 1000 months and $13,000. 

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Win This Game And Get 83 Years Of Netflix For Free!

Prior to playing the game, the spilling mammoth suggests that the players watch the film since the game depends on the occasions occurring in the film. The old watchman game follows the occasions in sequential request and expects players to employ a Labrys (a monster, twofold bladed hatchet) to vanquish swarms of foes. Obviously, the players will play as Charlize Theron — the lead character of the film. 

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In spite of the fact that the game doesn’t have excellent visuals, it’s a decent spine chiller, and a few people may appreciate it, particularly in the event that they get an opportunity of winning a lifetime free Netflix membership. 

The opposition will be held for three days across July 17, 18, and 19, i.e., beginning today. The game will be accessible here at 8 PM PST. It very well may be played on a PC and doesn’t have any broad equipment necessities either.


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