Windows 10 brings a powerful tool for taking screenshot. There is good news for all those people who love to take lots of screenshots on their PC. Yes, taking a screenshot is now lot easier because Microsoft has recently released a Windows 10 Insider Preview (Build 17661) for that purpose.

If you are user of the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, then you must find that the Screen Sketch annotation tool that was previously part of Windows Ink for touch screen devices is now, a standalone app.

It means you can use it by pressing WIN + Shift + S, and then select an area on the screen to capture. When you will press this combination, you’ll get a snipping toolbar that lets you either capture the full screen or a rectangular/circle/free-form portion of it.

Then the captured image can be taken to Screen Sketch, which lets you edit the snap. For instance, you can draw an arrow on it, crop a part of it, or rotate the whole image.

On the other hand, you can locate in the Action Center, or configure the Print Screen key to bring up Screen Sketch as an alternative of just copying your screen’s contents to the clipboard.

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Well, after capturing a screen with the new standalone app, you can then interpret it as you like with a lot of different brushes and pens. Moreover, you can easily share it through Mail, Skype, and Twitter etc.

In order to get benefit from this latest update, you’ll need to make sure that you’re signed up to the Windows Insider program, and opt-in to get Fast ring updates.

Apart from usual grab bag of improvements, Preview Build 17661 features some new features that are meant to perk up your “snipping experience”, the tool used for taking screenshots on PC.

Other improvements

This latest Windows 10 Insider beta build include some more cool features apart from screen shoot tool. As, now it has slightly nicer Task View (blurry background), Windows Defender Security Center is named as simply Windows Security, and automatic enabling of Focus assist every time you’re playing a full-screen game.

Are you excited to see and get the new cool and powerful addition of features? Well, I must say, if you love to take screenshots then you will definably love this new windows 10 features


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