Windows 10 on your PC? Microsoft warns you should update immediately

Windows 10 on your PC? Microsoft warns you should update immediately
Windows 10 on your PC? Microsoft warns you should update immediately

Microsoft has very recently issued a warning to the users of Windows 10 to update their operating system due to two “critical” vulnerabilities that are present on the operating system.

The company has described these vulnerabilities as potentially being “wormable” – this meaning that the affected devices will spread viruses – even if the user does not carry out any action. The company’s director of Incident Response – Simon Pope has recently said in a blog that he wrote on Tuesday : “There are potentially hundreds of millions of vulnerable computers.”

He continued on by saying : “It is important that affected systems are patched as quickly as possible because of the elevated risks associated with wormable vulnerabilities like these, and downloads for these can be found in the Microsoft Security Update Guide.”

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The users of Windows 10 that have enabled the feature of automatic updates are already safe because it is likely that their software is already updated – and so without the vulnerabilities that have been described. However, the problem persists for those who don’t actually have the automatic updates enabled – updating their devices manually. Though this is a rather easy process, as users without the updated software can click the search button and type “Windows Update” in order to access the update tool.

Other operating systems that are linked with Windows : such as Windows XP or even perhaps Windows 8 or the previous versions systems have not been compromised. While things are good on this side, it is possible that these versions of windows too might be attacked – so be on the lookout for news.

The news of Windows 10 being compromised comes as a surprise. According to Net Marketshare, this version of software from Microsoft happens to be the most popular desktop operating system. It has been estimated that around 800 million devices run Windows 10. And so the essence in which users find themselves using Windows 10 makes it surprising that it was compromised. You would imagine such a popular OS to be almost flawless and therefore free from most threats.

Thankfully enough, the issue has been quickly identified by Microsoft – so credit where due. Users that update the software should have no worries over their software being compromised – at least for the near future.


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