A Razer Edge 5G device is being announced at the RazerCon 2022 event, as part of Razer’s Razer Edge 5G series. The handheld console was developed by Qualcomm and Verizon in partnership with the aim of enabling 5G over cellular networks. As part of the Epic Games launcher that comes preinstalled with this device, it will be compatible with every AAA game, including Android games, Fortnite and Rocket League Sideswipe, which can be played through the Epic Games launcher on your phone.

A number of cloud subscription services will also be available to Razer Edge 5G users as well (still in beta form) such as NVIDIA GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. In addition, besides providing remote play functionality, the software would be able to connect to PC libraries via Steam Link, Moonlight, Parsec, and Xbox. Here is a look at the specifications of Razer Edge 5G in terms of its features and functions.

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Here is a complete list of features and specifications for the Razer Edge 5G

There is a 6.8-inch AMOLED display on the Razer Edge 5G that is capable of displaying Full HD+ resolution and is capable of producing a 144Hz refresh rate. As for the hardware under the hood of the device, it is equipped with a Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 mobile platform and comes with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM. A 5,000mAh battery will provide the device with the required power.

This Edge 5G smartphone is equipped with 128 GB of UFS 3.1 storage as well as a microSD card slot that allows you to expand the storage capacity. Powered by Android 12, it will be able to run pretty much anything. A 5-megapixel camera can be found on the front of the device. This device is equipped with a wireless connectivity system that contains sub-6GHz, mmWave Verizon 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.2. This device has dimensions of 259.7 x 84.5 x 10.83mm and weighs 263.8 grams.

It contains a Razer Kishi V2 Pro controller, which enables you to play the Razer Edge 5G game with the advanced haptic feedback it offers, as well as a 3.5mm input jack.

 The price and availability of the Razer Edge 5G can be found here

As of right now, Razer Edge 5G is available for reservation in the United States for a price of $399. There is a Razer Edge Founders Edition available for $499, which includes the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds, along with a Razer Razer Edge 17″ monitor. The product will be available for purchase from January 2023 onwards. A showcase of the product is planned at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 by the company.


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