A woman who was caught on video attempting to run over a motorway police official has been apprehended by authorities days after the footage went viral on social media. Police confirmed the arrest, stating that the woman was taken into custody from Islamabad, and emphasized that legal proceedings will be initiated against her.

The incident, which occurred in January on the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway within the jurisdiction of Naseerabad police station, Rawalpindi, garnered widespread attention after the video circulated online. The motorways police had previously confirmed the incident and stated that a case had been registered against the woman.

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In the viral footage, the woman can be seen seated inside a white car, engaged in a heated argument with a traffic cop who had stopped her at an entry point of the motorway. Despite the officer’s calm demeanor, the woman is heard verbally abusing him. At one point, she demands that another traffic official move out of her way. When he refuses, she accelerates the car, striking him and sending him airborne before fleeing the scene.

The case against the suspect was filed by the motorways police based on their complaint.


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