Women escape armed robbery attempt in Lahore DHA Phase IV

Women escape armed robbery attempt in Lahore DHA Phase IV
Women escape armed robbery attempt in Lahore DHA Phase IV

DHA Phase 4 Lahore:So a recent report has revealed that a Mother and a Daughter were nearly involved in a case of car snatching, robbery and possibly abduction on the 3rd of September while they were on their way back to home after they shopped for groceries in a market located In DHA Phase 4, Lahore. As per the details provided to us it is believed that five unidentified men approached the car on three motorcycles near the Wateen Chowk at around 10:20 PM.

Moreover,the armed men, who had their faces covered with bandanastried to get in front of there car and at gunpoint tried to snatch valuables,which may have even included the car or it may also have been a case of abduction but they failed and hence no damage was done. The two females were able to dodge the suspected robbers despite several gunshots and a bike parked in front of the car.

According to the CCTV footage of the incident provided to us, one bike blocked the car in the front, while the other two approached it from both sides. However, the attempted robbery failed as the two women were able toshake off the suspected robbers unharmed, who fired bullets at the car leading to a punctured tyre and a broken window and thankfully the shots fired missed our two brave women.

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One of the robbers also dropped his gun inside the car. Now it should be worth mentioning that DHA Lahore is one of the most posh and secure locations in the city and even the country, and it comes under the leadership of Army personnel and a police station is also close to where the incident took place. In addition to that over  1,800 Dolphin force personnel were appointed in different areas of the city in December 2017 yet incidents of armed robberies seem to be on the rising in the city and as much as we hate to say it, not even Defence Housing Authority is safe from these disgusting robbers.

It should also be noted that a very similar incident took place in Gulberg II in April 2018 when many people were reportedly mugged by criminals. The Police failed to act on these incidents despite the fact that a number of people have been robbed in Gulberg and DHA areas. In fact, most of the victims have been allegedly discouraged from reporting the incidents by the police personnel. All of this was part of a lengthy document which showed that affect these robbers have had on such areas which honestly is quite alarming at this point and we urge all of you to stay safe and to report any such crime if you see a situation pointing south.


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