As we saw was the case with Noor Mukadam and is the case with countless other women all across Pakistan – especially in the rural areas : there’s an increasing feeling now that Pakistan is just not a safe place for women. Indeed with the growing number of cases in Pakistan where women find themselves at the end of sexual harassment, domestic violence and other crimes, neither does Pakistan seem to be a safe place for women, nor do these women feel safe.

As was also the case with the recent Tiktoker being harassed at the hands of hundreds of men, as well as the cases of rape making waves throughout the country, there has also been the growing sense that women should be more protected. The cases, in the more recent times have been piling up as far as domestic violence, harassment, rape and murder goes – and one might even suggest that these things have been going on for quite some time now, and it’s just now that they are being publicized and documented.

Nonetheless, regardless of how we attribute these growing cases and how we categorize the men who are behind such heinous acts – either as being psychologically challenged or as completely insane, one thing is for sure – women in Pakistan need to be protected, and in that vein, Punjab police has come up with a viable solution – how successful that solution will end up being though – only time can tell.

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Indeed Punjab police has come up with a solution so as to counter the growing cases against women by launching a ‘Women safety app.’ One might suggest that perhaps the most important purpose this app serves is surrounded by the fact that women, through it, would have the ability and option to contact the police in any case of emergency without there being any need for making a call.

When and if the user of the app would reach out to the police, it will also end up enabling the police to trace the location of the person who put forward the complaint – as the location will be traced via the aid of the person’s smartphone.

A senior official, belonging to Punjab police recently claimed that the application has been developed so as to ensure the safety of women in our society – something that women have been begging for in the more recent times of desperation that have been seen. Indeed with that said, the official also said that all those women who have the luxury of a smartphone should actually download this app and hence stay connected with the police in any case of emergency. The official was very adamant that the downloading process should take place and went as far as urging women all across the country to take the step.

The official continued his bid for women to download the app by claiming that a special police squad will rush to the location of the victim – this as soon as the complaint is launched.

It’s important also to note that the special police squad which has been mentioned earlier has in fact been formed only to serve this purpose – and hence protect women. One would then have to imagine that the squad will be trained in the sense to take care of any situation that comes forward in whatever sense or form and hence make sure that whoever puts forth the complaint ends up with the best service possible. The official also maintained that the mobile application will be launched soon in all districts of Punjab and same will be the case as far as the aforementioned special squad goes.

All in all though, perhaps the best and thought after feature of this particular app is the fact that the women who find themselves in any sort of danger can quite easily get the message across via the aid of live chat – eliminating the need to call the police. This would then eliminate the possibility that the person who is holding you without your will or indeed in any other situation will get alerted and hence all in all you can quite easily get the message across to the authorities. 


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