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Women Techmaker? Don’t miss the chance provided by Google to highlight your achievements

Scholars program has been announced by Google, as an initiative for female students studying in the field of technology,  in Asia Pacific who claims to be a Techmaker. The program is announced as “Women Techmakers”.

The program aiming at the creation of gender equality in the field of computer science by making encouragement for women to excel their abilities in computing and IT as well as highlighting their achievements in technology is the program created by Google.

Deadline for applying – in this Scholar program that consists of three elements as Scholarship,  Retreat, and Community – is due on Monday, 22 May 2017.

1. Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to those ladies who are good in academics, show dedication, professionalism and leadership qualities having an impact on the community of women serving in tech.

2. Retreat

A retreat is also planned from your daily routine to enlighten yourself with tech savvy fellows and mentors. Providing you an opportunity to meet with fellow tech enthusiast and Google mentors while participating in professional developmental programs and workshops arranged and conducted by Google.

3. Community TechMaker

The community is an online network for collaboration of fellow tech-savvy women. COMMUNITY program is designed to share resources and to strengthen the impact of women in the field of technology.

Scholarship stipend has also been announced in “The Women Techmakers ” program.

Eligibility Criteria

(1)Should be a female student

(2)Studying in tech related field

Visit YouTube Live Sessions,  where old female scholars will be sharing their past experiences and replying for the questions of viewers if you are not sure to apply.

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