WordPress sites compromised over software flaw

Social blogging websites and those having individual blogs like the WordPress have instant sharing buttons which allow the user and the one reaching that page through google search to share the same conveniently. However off late a bug in the whole arrangement has been found, which after a careful study revealed that it can allow a guest user to make changes and thus threaten the security of the particular WordPress page or website, allowing anyone to take over the same without much effort.

As the word goes, these Word Press websites do allow the guests to create accounts going through the proper log in formalities. However once they are in the website through the login, the trouble starts when they start making changes in the main frame architecture of the website. Though there has not been any reports of the websites or pages being compromised, but the alarm raised by the developers as well as authors did created a damage control exercise which helped the social blog website to disallow any unscrupulous element actually doing damage to any website structure.

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As a damage control to the situation arising out of the installation of the of the social buttons, the vendor company has advised the users and administrators of the WordPress blog pages to install a new version of the software patch called Simple Social Buttons version 2.0.22 to offset any damage already done or likely to be done to the individual pages.

It may be of interest to the users of the social blogging site that the flaw was detected soon after the usual new software and security patch updates which are marketed by developer sites as ‘Necessary updates”. However the same updates turned out to be the ones which created a glitch for the websites operating under the template of WordPress.

WordPress sites compromised over software flaw

WordPress started in 2003, much before the Facebook or Twitter allowing precisely the same type of space for the bloggers, social and political activists to share multimedia content, create a mailing list of likeminded bloggers etc. Even today it is counted a serious forum for social and political idea dissidents a over the globe. 

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