The 1976 Apple-1 PC (Personal Computer) is rare to find nowadays, and as a current auction exposed, an exclusive and expensive one at that.

What do you think a new MacBook is expensive? Well for your information last week, a working 1976 Apple-1 PC (Personal Computer) sold out for $355,000 in an auction hosted by Christie’s New York.

The Apple-1 PC was the company’s first ever personal computer, hand-built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in the boundaries of Jobs’ garage. However the computer comes with no casing and power supply, it’s the initial to have its own motherboard, which put it apart from opponent players in the field. Apple-1’s achievement at the time is accredited as the force that hurled Apple into the personal computing industry.

While $355,000 may look like steep for a 1976 PC, it’s the cheapest Apple-1 sale to date. At earlier auctions, similar computers carried in $671,400 in 2013 and $905,000 in 2014. The Apple-1 formerly retailed for $666.66, and at the present, only 66 computers still exist. Sound like a twist of fate? Maybe!

And get a hold this; another section of technology history came in the same auction. A 1944 Four-Rotor Enigma Machine, which was used to decrypt German mails and messages in World War II, sold for $547,500.



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