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The world first AI-composed song is dedicated to Dubai

The world first AI-composed song is dedicated to Dubai. On Tuesday, the world’s first AI-composed anthem got unveiled at  the ongoing Internet of Things Expo (IoTX) at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). The anthem dubbed ‘Ode to Dubai’ is composed by Aiva (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) and has been dedicated to a city.

The anthem is s a collaboration between DWTC and AIVA Technologies. Barreau claims to have finished composing ‘Ode to Dubai ‘ in just 72 hours as DWTC officials approached him three weeks ago to create an anthem for Dubai.

The anthem is based on Western classical music with the theme of the exponential growth of Dubai.

‘Ode to Dubai’ is a 2 min 40 sec musical piece that was created by scanning 30,000 scores composed by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi, and some other classic & contemporary composers.

According to Pierre Barreau, CEO of AIVA Technologies, composing of this anthem was aimed depicting the meteoric rise of Dubai as an international city.

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Aiva, powered by algorithms of ‘Deep Learning’ is trained to understand music on a database of scores and uses AI to create its own own mathematical representation of music influences. Barreau says that  ‘Ode to Dubai’ is an original composition and has been inspired by classical composers.

To create an algorithm for the music, Aiva learns the art of music composition by reading through an immense collection of music written by the great composers, says 21 years old Barreau.

Though he does not says that Aiva will replace the musicians, Aiva is the future of music according to Barreau because it is a way to nurture collaboration between man and machine.

 He thinks that AI-composed music can make people feel something because this music is capable of composing emotional soundtracks for films, video games, commercials and any type of entertainment content as well.

Barreau believes that human intervention in composition if music can not be denied because after all it depends upon humans to select the final composition to digitise or recorde with real musicians.

Click the below link to play anthem dedicated to a city: Ode to Dubai

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