The past 19 years lead us to innovate better for you. Our readers, viewers, and followers on our website and social media have always been a great concern for us and we always try to provide them best of their choice. NetMag feels proud in achieving this milestone. Now you can get daily news updates by NetMag’s news bulletin “World | Today – Tomorrow” one of its kind. Telecast#1 Here you can get all the big news of ICT, Gadgets, Business, Startups, Entertainment, Events, Sports and Lifestyle all around the globe.

The world has entered the era of digitalization so NetMag has managed to fulfillĀ the need of our viewers. The Telecast#1 was just a glimpse of what our team is capable of, it was our first transmission and we hope you liked it and we assure you to provide much better than this. We will surely update you with the most important news you always care about in just 5-7 minutes. We have our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel which are already covering main Events and Gadget Reviews. So stay in touch and keep visiting


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