Microsoft very recently released its latest console, the Xbox One X. Microsoft holds the console in very high esteem, proved by the fact that the company has called the console as the most powerful ever built. Some might look at this as confidence, but to some, the more plausible explanation might seem as Microsoft having some sort of strategy behind calling the console as the best in the world. Some might argue in favor of such strategy, but the truth is that Microsoft tried the same thing with the original Xbox, and while some might think of it as a success, it was destroyed by the Playstation 2.

Even though some might think that at that time, the PS2 was perhaps the weaker of the two consoles, and there indeed might be some truth to that, but what the difference was that the PS2 had a massive gaming library, while the Xbox could not offer as many games as the PS2 could offer. History is now repeating itself, because the PS4 has a much bigger library of games, coming from not only the Western studios but also Japanese ones. While the PS4 is continually increasing its already massive game collection, the Xbox is struggling in the key area.

What Microsoft needed to do, and what it needs to do is expand its gaming library. Yes, powerful machines are attractive, but at the end of the day, would you rather have a bunch of games, or a powerful console, with a very limited amount of games? Microsoft needs to get more games on its system, and this does not include only the exclusives. The high-performance nonsense that Microsoft pitched with the original Xbox failed at that time and is likely to fail again, with the Xbox One X. Microsoft really needs to step up its game, if it wants to provide a fair challenge to Sony.


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