While Microsoft is still yet to release the Xbox Series X and S models, a lot is already known about these devices, including their designs, specs as well as their expected retail prices. One more detail has now emerged with regards to the cheaper Xbox Series S – and it happens to be a rather surprising one.

Indeed a reedit user has gone on to claim that he received the Xbox Series S a week before the official release and has claimed that the console makes way with just 364 gigs of a available storage space.

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On paper, while the console promises 512 gigs of internal storage, it is the case where actually not all will be available to users. Indeed this is especially of concern due to the fact that the Xbox Series S doesn’t actually feature a disc drive which means that users will only have the option to use the console by installing a digital copy of the game that they wish to play. Indeed the storage size will only afford users the chance to install one or two games at the most before running out of storage space. Several comments seen on the thread did indeed note that the 364GB available storage is barely even enough to install Call of Duty : Modern Warfare on the console. Users will though have the option to purchase a separate hard drive for storage expansion, but this is likely to cost a decent amount of money too – in addition to of course what the console already costs. All the information though comes from a user on Reedit, so it might not even be true. Hence, it would be wise to wait for confirmation in official capacity. Regardless of the space problems that might occur though, both the Series S as well as the Series X are expected to make their way on the 10th of this month, with the previously announced high-end Series X selling for $499. As being reported previously, the Series S is deigned to play next generation games in a smaller as well as a cheaper package – making way with less GPU power as well as a lower resolution output when compared to the Series X. It is expected that the console will make way with 1440p support, ray tracing and also, 512GB SSD.


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