Xbox Series X retail packaging box leaked online

Xbox Series X

Just yesterday, the retail packaging with regards to the upcoming flagship gaming console from Microsoft in the Xbox Series X was subject to being leaked online. Indeed the image was leaked courtesy of Jon Scare from Best Buy based in Canada – who of course proceeded on to share a picture of the Xbox Series X packaging.

When taking a glance at the image, one notices that not much is given away except for the fact that it shows a picture of how the console will actually look like, along with some other details such as 1 TB SSD storage, as well as the ability to run games at 4K resolutions at 120fps. The packaging happens to be in a square shape and also happens to be different from the packaging that was actually offered on the previous generation consoles – of course this being down to the fact that the design of the latest Xbox is quite different when compared to the design of the previous generations of consoles by Microsoft.

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Nonetheless, as you’d expect really, the iconic color scheme of both green and black is still present – which of course goes on to present the Xbox branding. This latest console from Microsoft along with the more affordable variant in the Xbox Series S will be available starting the tenth of next month – as the day will mark the launch of the next generation gaming consoles from Microsoft. Unfortunately enough for now, this is all the information that we have been able to gather up courtesy of the image that has been leaked online but considering the fact that the release of the console is now nearer than ever, one would have to imagine that more updates with regards to the launch as well as more updates with regards to the console itself will make their way. Till then, stay tuned for more information to follow through!


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