Microsoft has gone on to claim that the Xbox Series X has actually managed to outsell all the previous gaming editions of the company’s gaming consoles and happens to be the company’s most successful gaming console to date.

CEO Satya Nadella made the claim in an earnings report this week and also proceeded on to report that the Xbox Series X as well as the Xbox Series S both had stronger launch months than any other Xbox console that Microsoft has ever produced and sold.

The task that exists for the company is then to sustain the momentum which exists so that both the consoles continue to gain users – although they have had a very impressive start to life for now.

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The Series X launch may have been significantly boosted by the Xbox Game Pass subscriptions as the subscriber number have indeed been on an upswing. Currently, Xbox Game Pass has up to 18 million subscribers that happen to be spread across various subscription packages that happen to vary between $10 and $15 monthly subscription fees.

The premium subscription package in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is in fact likely to be what is drawing droves of new subscribers. And so this could actually be a part of the reason behind the increased sales that both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have seen – with additional perks put in for new console buyers by Microsoft via the aid of a promo.

It also needs to be stated that Xbox has had a rather large and quite loyal followership. This certainly adds to the mix of impressive results that the company has seen in recent times. The gaming pass package has in recent times attracted many users – especially now that we take into account the incorporation of cloud gaming services into it. It is now possible to play your Xbox games without even having the console at all.


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