Xbox to also receive Windows 11 Android app support?

Xbox to also receive Windows 11 Android app support

Software giant Microsoft is in the process of gearing up for the official launch of the Windows 11 OS. It makes its way with new features and also other improvements too. However, perhaps the most important and notable thing which arrives this time around is the native support for Android apps without there being the requirement for an emulator. And now, a new report has gone on to suggest that this particular feature could also make way in the company’s popular gaming console in the Xbox 360.

While the Android app support on Windows 11 won’t in fact be available immediately right after its launch takes place, it is expected to arrive sooner rather than later. However, Microsoft did actually announce recently that it was in fact in the works with Amazon (and its App Store) and also Intel in order to bring this particular feature to its latest Windows version. As of right now, you can actually also find the feature dubbed “Windows Subsystem for Android” on the Microsoft store – however as of right now, it doesn’t do anything.

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Interestingly enough though, the store listing actually goes on to offer quite an unexpected device being mentioned in the system requirements category. In this particular list, we can see the Xbox one also being mentioned too – something which of course hints towards the possibility of this Android app support feature also making its way to the popular gaming console. However, in any case, it is actually quite unlikely that this would end up bringing Android productivity based apps and is also likely to include more entertainment based software such as games. This wouldn’t exactly be too far fetched either due to the fact that the control schemes of mobile games happen to be directly inspired by the controller gamepads.


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