Xiaomi again has a dig at OnePlus

Xiaomi again has a dig at OnePlus
Xiaomi again has a dig at OnePlus

Redmi has gained its reputation as a result of launching very impressive mid-range devices. Lately though, the company has looked to enter the flagship market, and has done so with the release of the Redmi K20. Both the Redmi K20 and the Redmi K20 Pro will see their launch take place in India on the 15th of July. Xiaomi again has a dig at OnePlus

As we near the launch of both the devices, Xiaomi has again decided to take a dig at OnePlus in order to build anticipation. This year around, Xiaomi goes on to consider the AnTuTu score so as to troll the Chinese manufacturer.


Just a few days back, @RedmiIndia account went on to tweet “Somebody jus+ announced the world’s fastest phone.” Instead of using “t”, the Twitter account quite cleverly went on to use the “+” sign in order to make sure the world knew who was on the receiving end of the troll. Continuing, the company promised to beat that, saying “hold my AnTuTu.” Finally today, Redmi delivered the final nail in the coffin – the Redmi K20 Pro’s score.

The 388,803 score that the K20 Pro has managed to accumulate is the highest score that any phone has managed based in AnTuTu’s charts. Also, the older though pricier Xiaomi Mi 9 too has a greater score than the OnePlus 7 Pro. And so one would have to imagine that Xiaomi does indeed have the upper hand when it comes to the AnTuTu based rivalry.

Interestingly enough, the original tweet coming from Redmi also mentioned “some celebrations are short-lived.” This probably refers to the fact that there will indeed eventually be a phone that tops the Redmi K20 Pro based on raw performance.


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