Xiaomi beats Apple to gain the third spot in the rankings for the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world

Huawei Continues to Thrive – While Both Apple and Xiaomi Lose Ground

The Korean giants, Samsung were able to reclaim its spot as the world’s number 1 Smartphone maker from the likes of Huawei, as per an industry report coming in from Canalys. In the latest news, industry reports are showing that the top 3 list has seen major upset as we find that the Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi have stripped Apple of the second spot as Xiaomi takes the second spot away from the US giants.

The Chinese company is one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in the world and have been able to display an impressive performance in the Q3 2020 to join the top 3 list while Huawei retained was able to retain the second spot among the top ranks.

In terms of sales, Samsung showed a healthy increase of 2-3%, while Huawei dipped 20% due to the recently imposed US restrictions. Xiaomi at that moment saw opportunity and worked hard on the quality and design of their smartphones and have been able to see an increase in sale by over 40% compared to last year and dethroned Apple as one of the top 3 phone makers in the world, which is a major milestone for the folks at Xiaomi.

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In turn, a report from IDC says that the smartphone market has witnessed strong volumes between July and September originating from regions like Brazil, India, Russia, Indonesia, etc. In accordance with the research of IDC, Director Nabila Popal, believes that, the increase in volume was caused by pent-up demand but mostly due to heavy promotions and discounts that the company was able to offer to its consumers.

In addition, distance learning which was caused by the pandemic also played a role in boosting the demand for low-end Smartphones in India as they are significantly cheaper than tablets. This in turn, created competition on a different level, putting pressure on major companies.

Realme is another company who has been able to show a remarkable performance during the period as they were able to reach 50 million shipments faster than any other company due to its diverse 5G portfolio and strong performance in China. The brand was able to achieve the remarkable feat in just a matter of 9 months, which was a 90% increase compared to the last quarter.


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