Xiaomi black shark was amongst the most anticipated phones of the year, especially for those who have an interest in gaming phones. People were especially intrigued as to how the gaming phone would shape up when compared to the razer phone, as this phone from Xiaomi will without doubt provide competition to Xiaomi’s latest phone.

The black shark offers powerful internals, coming along with an additional game pad accessory, and also a loud enough design. However, the Chinese brand is now looking to put thingsin the next gear, as it shapes up to launch its sequel – the Black Shark Helo.

The display is amongst the most talked about, and biggest improvements as Xiaomi has substituted an AMOLED screenfor an LCD panel, which we happen to saw previously. The phone is still notch less, thank goodness for that! And while it’s notchelss, it comes with a 6 inch 2160 X 1080 display, however, the switch to OLED tech could mean that a plausible case of deep blacks and power saving when viewing dark content could be made.

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According to the Chinese company’s official website, the phone will come with a Snapdragon 845 chipset, along with 6 to 10 gigs of RAM, 128 gigs to 256 gigs of storage, all this to go with a 4000mAh battery. While the phone wont have any headphone jack, there will be the presence of front facing speakers. The company has also made a further addition, by adding a customizable LED light strip to the side of the phone –much like how Asus has been doing for quite a while now.

Now it wouldn’t actually be a high end phone without an outstanding camera, would it? Luckily enough, the phone doesn’t disappoint in this end, either. The phone comes with a 12MP + 20MP f/1.75 rear camera pairing, and a 20MP f/1.75 selfie shooter. Hopefully enough though, even though the cameras look pretty decent, we can only hope that Xiaomi has done more than just simply slap the black shark’s camera on this phone – let’s hope for a new experience.

So how about the price? Well the phone will be available in China initially, and will start shipping from the 30th of October. The probable price for the 6GB/128GB variant will be around $461, while you can expect to pay around $504 for the 8GB/128GB model. What the price of the most premium version – 10GB/256GB is still relatively unknown, but that won’t be the case for too long a time.


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