Xiaomi’s breakthrough in battery tech

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Just a couple of days ago, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi proceeded on to announce that the brand has in fact made a new breakthrough in battery tech which would result in size shrinkage by ten percent, and therefore allowing for much denser batteries under the very same volume and also therefore effectively increasing battery life by 100 minutes or so.

The latest generation battery technology goes on to utilize “battery-level high-silicon lithium supplement technology” for the very first time – making use of which results in silicon content being increased by three times. Of course a lot of the reduction that come in the form of space also has to do with the fact as to how PCM is aligned. The Chinese brand claims that the PCM no longer lies flat and it is rather at an angle of 90 degrees to the battery cell – all of which results in the saving of quite the space then.

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In addition to all this then, the battery also happens to be equipped with a special ‘fuel gauge’ chip. It then makes use of self-developed algorithms and also goes on to analyze underlying data so as to offer enhanced safety. Night time charging behavior also happens to be monitored in order to avoid a long term full charge state and also the problem of quick battery aging. Not only this then aa the battery even has the potential to detect high temperature sensors and can adjust its temperatures accordingly too.

It is expected that the mass production of the battery will start in the second half of next year which could end up meaning that we’ll be getting Xiaomi phones featuring this particular tech in late 2022.

Earlier also, an industry insider had indeed revealed that Xiaomi is in the process of currently testing an upgraded 100W flash charging tech for large battery capacities. 


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