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Next for Xiaomi: A car?

Only a few days after Chinese tech giant,  Huawei announced that they are entering the motor vehicle market by partnering up with Hicar & BAIC to develop a Smart Car, new reports have suggested that Xiaomi has also made plans to enter the market by launching a smart car of their own. As per the report which came from iFengNews, Chinese company Xiaomi is also working on building its own car. The report suggests that many individuals, in and out of the company, who follow the day to days of Xiaomi have confirmed the company’s plans. However, keeping in mind that there are oh so many variables involved in, well, manufacturing a car, nothing can confirmed as yet. 

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In regards, the project will be headed by Xiaomi’s current CEO, Lei Jun, who will directly supervise the whole project to ensure that standards are met. It is worth noting here that, this is not the first time that a Chinese Smartphone OEM displayed an interest in entering the automobile industry. Back in 2013, Lei Jun had visited the US twice in order to meet with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 6 years in to the future, in 2019, the company collaborated with Bestune and launched a Redmi branded Bestune T77 SUV which came packed with the Mi AI Speaker and a XiaoAI assistant. The car was later sold via Xiaomi’s Youpin platform.

It seems that Xiaomi’s interest in the auto industry has grown in the last couple of years or so and this can be attributed to the current stagnation that the smartphone market faces, a market in which the electronic smart vehicle market has been seeing a rise in popularity. Thus far, we can not know what we can expect, since Xiaomi has refused to comment on the recent reports, which means that for now, its all a rumor.


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