Xiaomi considering 120Hz display

Xiaomi considering 120Hz display
Xiaomi considering 120Hz display

It seems that when we take into account the topic of innovation, refresh rates certainly seem to come up. We’ve seen OnePlus into action with its 90Hz display on the OnePlus 7 Pro, and smoother proceedings within the phone as a result has led to people wanting more and more. With the demand for better refresh rates increasing, it seems only logical that more and more OEMs would be attracted to the prospect of innovating further – and so is the case, as now, it seems that Xiaomi too wants a piece of the pie. Xiaomi considering 120Hz display.

The Chinese manufacturer it seems at this point is going all in as rumors suggest that a 120Hz display might be coming. Not only this, as rumors are also suggesting another Xiaomi device that might come with a camera with capabilities of up to 50x digital zoom as well as 8K video recording at 30fps for good measure.

There is no surprise in the suggestion that Xiaomi is looking to provide a device or indeed devices that will come with higher refresh rates. We’ve seen the likes of OnePlus, Oppo, as well as Asus releasing devices this year that have high refresh rates in their possession. It seems only likely at this point that Google too, with its latest and upcoming flagship Pixel device is set to join in the party, with a 90Hz display refresh rate – however, for now, this isn’t confirmed.

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While Xiaomi has made a name for itself for bringing about a wide range of very capable mid-range devices, this aspect of the company’s business structure might soon be subject to change. In accordance to the latest speculation, if and when Xiaomi releases a device with a premium-grade refresh rate display – it will not be available for the cheap – and rightfully so – innovation, like we’ve seen for quite some time now – doesn’t come cheap.

Apparently, the company has also added the support for high refresh rate display into its latest MIUI 11 beta settings. The settings will allow users to toggle between two refresh rates. While a higher option will make way for a much smoother picture, a lower one will be useful for when you are low on power. The company has designed it to support both 60Hz as well as 120Hz displays – this giving the indication that the manufacturer’s upcoming flagships could indeed support both these two options.

Also, the company’s latest MIUI camera app reveals some exciting aspects of what the future might look like in the future, too. XDA Developers noticed that Xiaomi is gearing up to launch a smartphone capable enough to support 8K recording at 30fps. The app will also go on to support 5x optical and 50x digital zoom modes. As of now though, there is no news over the technical details, or indeed as to which sensor Xiaomi is planning to develop these features on top of.


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