Xiaomi could finally move into USB 3.0 for its smartphones

Xiaomi could finally move into USB 3.0 for its smartphones

A recent report has revealed some interesting details about Xiaomi’s strategies regarding its next smartphones. The company is believed to be conducting tests on USB 3.0 and DP tests for its smartphones suggesting that it is likely to adopt the most recent standards.

The report comes from people who are familiar with the issue (Via ITHome) who have stated that CIT Chinese technology giant working to bring USB 3.0 support to its new products. In the latest report, an image from CIT was also released. For those who don’t know, CIT is a hardware testing tool that is compatible with Xiaomi devices. When you click upon the Kernel version repeatedly in the Settings Users can access and run functional tests on different hardware.

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That is to say, the company is working towards getting the most recent standard on its phones. The company has been criticized for using the USB 3.0 standard for many years in its flagship models. It appears that this may change. As this year’s Xiaomi 12 Ultra launch coming up close to the mark It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this device is one of the first devices to implement USB 3.0. USB 3.0 standards.

Be aware that this is just speculation for now Take this information with an eye on the fine print for the time being. We will provide updates whenever we have more information in this regard, so stay to our blog for news.


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