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Senior VP Xiaomi group China recently said in an interview that his company has aims to be the number one smartphone company all across the globe – surpassing the likes of Apple and also Samsung.

He claimed that the brand will actually be targeting China’s offline mobile phone market first as 70% of the mobile phones sales that go down in the country are done so in an offline fashion. The brand has plans to reach 30,000 retail stores in its home country of China over the course of the next three years and just recently inaugurated its 10,000th store too. Retail happens to be one of these elements that Xiaomi still lags behind in, as both Vivo as well as Oppo are still ahead when it comes to this particular department. The same holds true all across the globe, which is why the brand is now targeting the offline market.

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The VP further claimed that the competition which exists through offline stores actually manages to sell a product that the Xiaomi already offers at much higher prices. This of course comes down to the fact that offline stores have the element of persuasion, something which of course is lacking from an online medium.

Of course though, the goal is definitely going to be a difficult one to attain for Xiaomi. The brand currently seems to have locked horns with Apple as far as smartphone shipments are concerned. In Q3 of this year, Apple actually ranked second with 48 million shipments while Xiaomi followed in behind closely with 44.4 million shipments. However, it’s also important to remember the fact that Xiaomi did at one point briefly overtake Apple in Q3 of last year.

However, the real challenge comes in the form of Samsung though, as the brand continues to maintain a sizeable lead over the rest, recording 69 million units shipped.


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