Xiaomi is launching a Robotic Suitcase which will follow you everywhere


It should be noted here that, Cowarobot was the first to manufacture a smart suitcase which follows its owner pretty much everywhere and now it is found that Cowarobot have collaborated with Xiaomi and they have in turn launched a latest version of the crowdfunding platform they have dubbed as Youpin.

Moreover,this new suitcase is equipped with an AI video camera which will locate its owner and hence follow them around without any real directions. In addition to that the AI chip embedded inside the suitcase will alsohelp it avoid obstacles and other barriers along the way. These functionalities come through Cowarobot’s in-house custom chip and together with Xiaomi they have taken a step further in terms of this particular technology.

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Furthermore,the suitcase will be featuring a conventional design, the suitcase is covered with a hard plastic shell, comes with a standard trolley with four wheels at the bottom, and a retractable handle which users hopefully will not be needing. It is only there to hold the AI video camera. It is also believed that the wheels connected with the suitcase can rotate 360 degrees and the whole machine weighs roughly around 4.5 kg. Its holding capacity is 31 Kg.

The zipper provides a touch of water resistance to keep the luggage safe from accidental splashes. The suitcase also has a detachable battery which can take up to 5 hours to charge and lasts as long as 20km. It can also charge smartphones since it has a full-size USB port. Finally moving on to the front of the case, the case will be packed with an LED indicator to show the current battery capacity available in the device, connection status, and system restarts. Being a smart suitcase, it also has a dedicated phone app to notify the user about low battery and disconnections to prevent users from losing their cases.  The Cowarobot smart suitcase is available for a going price of only $280.


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