Xiaomi launch a Notebook with a Fingerprint Lock Mechanism

Xiaomi Notebook
Xiaomi is constantly in the works of developing innovative and sophisticated gadgets for its users and they have earned a lot of success and a lot of credit should go their pretty impressive Research and Development department who are constantly coming up with bright ideas in line with modern preferences. The company have established a name for themselves and they are slowly introducing products in other market segments as well, the TV market, wearable market and even the journal writing market as well. 

Xiaomi have just come up with a pretty unique notebook through their Youpin crowdfunding platform which has laid a lot of emphasis on providing privacy and security to the writer. In order to further clarify, this is not just a laptop, but an actual notebook /diary which comes with some pretty secure technology to provide the wither with a peace of mind when it comes to his jorunal’s security. The new innovation has been dubbed as the Lockbook Pro and the notebook just got launched on the company’s website. The new Xiaomi notebook has been made available in two color variants, these are: Gray and Dark Green color options and in terms of design, these beauties are pretty attractive. The main feature of the notebook however is without a doubt a fingerprint sensor mounted on the side along with a LED indicator right on top of the sensor which has the company’s name on it. The fingerprint reader is pretty fast and on average takes just 0.6 seconds to unlock.

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This changes the game of journal writing somewhat, now you have the option of keeping your important notes in your notebook without having to worry about hiding it some place safe, where other can’t get a hold of it, with the addition of the fingerprint scanners users no longer have to worry about that, they’ll have to cut your fingers to know what’s inside of your notebook. There is also a compartment to keep a pen inside and other documents and papers on the side. The book itself is bound in a leather cover and the pages inside are standard B6 sized. The all new Lockbook Pro is powered by a 160mAh battery which is capable of keeping your device alight for up to two months if the notebook is opened and closed 10 times a day. The notebook has been launched in China for a pretty decent price of $40, however the company is yet to give any information on international distribution. 


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