Xiaomi launches and innovative 3-in-1 gadget

Xiaomi launches and innovative 3-in-1 gadget
Xiaomi launches and innovative 3-in-1 gadget

So one company that does not lack innovation whatsoever would definitely be Xiaomi, the company never seems to run out of ideas when it comes to the part of adding different features to power banks. Moreover, it should be noted that earlier in the year, the Chinese technologygiant, started a new project under their crowdfunding platform and in turn were able to introduce a power bank which is able to double up and turn in to a makeup mirror, two months ago it launched a power bank that can be used as a charger and a power plug and just recently, the Company crowdfunded a power bank that doubles can also be turned in to a hand-warmer.

Now if that was not enough, Xiaomi have now launched a 3 in 1 power bank which canturn into a flashlight and a desktop lamp when needed. According to the Company, this multi-purpose power bank will give users the flexibility that they require.

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Moreover, the innovative 3 in 1 power bank, apart from featuring LED lights, also comes packed along with dual photo sensors which have been put in place to detect human presence and judge the ambient light. The dual sensor system allows you toturn the device on when someone is around and turn off when there is no one present in a 3 meters radius.

Moving on, These sensors also have a 120 degrees field of capture. As for the power bank, it comes with a mere 2600 mAh battery that will hardly be enough to charge a smartphone up to 50 or 60 percent. The power bank has been solely designed for emergency purposes, which is why it is quite compact as well. Anyways, it can be used as a wall or desktop lamp. can be used at a power bank, of course, and it can be used as a flashlight. The device is currently being crowd funded on Xiaomi’s Youpin website at a $17 price tag.


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