Xiaomi’s Youpin crowdfunding stage is ordinarily home to shrewd contraptions and home machines however it is currently highlighting an intriguing and startling new discharge. The Chinese brand has disclosed the Ningmei CR100 smaller than expected work area PC that is fueled by the Intel J4105 SoC and is accessible for just $211. 

The machine is just marginally bigger than a cell phone and weighs 760 grams. It includes a minimal structure with measurements estimating 192 x 188 x 54mm, which makes for a versatile and helpful portable office experience. 

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Regarding equipment, it packs a quad-center Intel J4105 portable processor that is combined with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD which ought to be adequate for the every day office-work needs. Indeed, even with its reduced form, it despite everything has two-divert worked in speakers so purchasers won’t have to append outside speakers. 

To manage warming issues, the gadget is furnished with an omnidirectional warmth dispersal framework with a four-sided vacuum heat dissemination structure. Network choices incorporate various USB A ports at the back and front, separate earphone and amplifier ports, SD card peruser, HDMI port, VGA input, ethernet port, and a USB Type C port. 

As referenced previously, the Xiaomi Ningmei CR100 will go for $211 and will likewise be offered in two packs, remote mouse and console, and a mousepad group.


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