Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Available on the Market

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi are all set and ready to launch another wearable item coming in their very famous Mi Band line up, we are of course referring to the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 5 certainly, a wearable item which has already very high expectations from the people. The upcoming wearable item has a lot of ground to make, owing to the fact that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has just been announced to be the best selling wearable in the world. 

The Chinese giants left no stone unturned in bragging about the milestone they achieved as the Chinese brand took it to Twitter to show inform the world about the best selling wearable item in the world. The tweet from Xiaomi basically refers to the post made by the Canalys wearable shipment estimates which tell us that the Mi Band 4 has by far been the best selling wearable worldwide in between the Q3 2019 and Q1 2020.

It is no hidden fact that the Mi Band lineup has seen a lot of success since the popular item was launched. The first ever  Mi Band was able to land a lot of sale and the Mi Band 2 topped even that of the previous one. The Mi Band 3 isn’t to far behind of the Mi Band 4 as it made sales of over a million units in 17 months while the Mi Band 2 did it in just two months. The series seems to be aging quite well as the Mi Band 4 has broken all records by selling a million units in just 8 days, which is amazing feat without a doubt. 

In addition, the Chinese company also celebrated selling over 100 million smart wearables between the years, 2014 to 2019 which is another major stepping stone for the company. Judging by the trend that the Mi Band series has enjoyed thus far there is not much doubt that the upcoming Mi Band 5 is also going to be another successful wearable by the company, especially given the fact that the device is set to bring new upgrades on the table and given the price that the Mi Bands cost, success rate will not be that challenging to maintain, until or unless they face a worthy competitor that is. 


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