So just about two or three months ago in the month of June, Xiaomi, launched there latest model of the watch fitness band, the Mi Band 4 in there home country of China and the new device was found to be very popular amongst consumers and the new Band 4 watch was really competing in terms of sales. Moreover, it is believed that when the new wearable watch  was in fact launched in the home country, it was offered in two options which include a NFC variant and a non-NFC variant but it was surprising to find that when Xiaomi did launch there new device in the global market it was found that the company have not added the option of NFC in the watch and there wasn’t a separate variant either. Moreover, In order to bring the benefits of NFC to its global audience, Xiaomi is reportedly working on the Mi Band 5 which will carry support for NFC both inside and outside of the Chinese domestic market, which should excite consumers.

In case you didn’t know, the Mi Band 4 which does have NFC supports wireless payments, can be used as an identity card at a workplace and it could even replace metro or bus cards that are based on this technology.

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As per the source, the incoming Mi Band 5 will have a pretty hefty and solid design which will make the device more durable and will also help in giving the watch more life. Moving on to the launch date, the future fitness band from Xiaomi is said to launch in the Q2 of 2020 which corresponds with past refresh cycles.So far no further details regarding the new watch have been confirmed or released by folks at Xiaomi however, it has already been confirmed that 5th Gen fitness tracker is being developed in collaboration with Huami. The CEO of Huami, Wang Huang said that his company is co-working on multiple projects in a partnership with Xiaomi and the Mi Band 5 is one of them.

We urge our readers to wait for the new model this is definitely worth the wait once you get your hand on the device you will surely be satisfied.


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