Zack Jerry’s Jerry Rig Everything has been creating quite a lot of buzz when it comes to putting the latest smartphones through their paces to see which of them survives the ultimate tests. By ultimate tests, it is the torture by flame and scratches of the most extreme order. The previous test on the Galaxy s10 showed that the optical fingerprint reader inside the display was at huge risks of those who like to be brave with their phones. Considering the hefty price tags, it wasn’t music to the ears of people who started second guessing and bought covers and protectors instantly. However, one phone came out on top!


The test began with the scratch test and the display and glass back survive being scratched with a knife without any mark. When subjected to the Mohs scale, the screen scratches at a level 6 while level 7 shows deeper grooves. The Mi 9 is promoted to have a Sapphire Glass protection on top of the rear cameras and Zack also checked that out. While the name is confusing since the material is either glass or sapphire, it is possible Xiaomi has found a way to combine sapphire and glass. On the Mohs scale, Sapphire scratches at level 9 but the glass on top of the Mi 9’s rear camera scratches at level 6 just like the display. Another theory is that this is an inferior Sapphire glass since it was tested and confirmed to be sapphire.

The OLED display on the device survives the burn test in an impressive manner. So too the frame survives the bend test, as it was bent from back and from the front without any part snapping. In all, the Mi 9 is a durable flagship device in terms of the hardware. The device is pretty impressive when the searchlight is beamed on its internals. It packs a powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset as well as a 48MP Sony sensor as its main camera in a triple camera arrangement.

Its safe to say that Xiaomi has produced one brave fighter of a phone. Considering its price, Xiaomi would really be happy with how the device has been received by the public just as the public would be satisfied that they are putting their money in the right hands after experiencing what a pleasant experience this device provides!


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