For a long time now, when people have criticized Apple for being too conservative with its devices and not being compatible with other devices from other platforms, that’s exactly when it receives praise for its cohesiveness within its own ecosystem. Apple has been able to integrate all of its devices with each other and for somebody owning everything Apple, this might be the perfect thing. Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo join hands for file transfer system.

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For other manufacturers to do the same is a little unnecessary because of all the freedom that Android already provides like freedom to share files through Bluetooth and NFC. Android is a very open-air ecosystem with such a vast system that it is not possible to integrate everything. However, now that companies have added to much of their own features to their android phones, it was time that they got together and decided on standardizing certain features so that people from different brands could be more connected. That’s the initiative brought forward by the Chinese trio of Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. Just recently, they announced the Inter-transfer Alliance group, which would allow people to transfer files between the three phone companies. The new system does not intend on using 4G or a third party app, but is a Bluetooth based transfer with speeds of upto 20MB/S. One would question such a need with the presence of shareit, which is a very capable file transfer system although requires a lot of battery since it involves the WIFI, DATA and Location services.

The inter-transfer alliance only consists of these three companies with more companies encouraged to join. It seems to be an attempt to make the android ecosystem a little cohesive and enable companies to work together on making features that could be available across different devices from different companies.

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