Xiaomi patent a phone which will supposedly have removable camera

Xiaomi patent a phone which will supposedly have removable camera
The world is progressing at a rapid rate and to stay up above the competition, smartphone companies throughout the world are constantly working on developing innovative and intuitive handsets which can give them that edge over their competitors, the times call for a battle and the battlefield is the smartphone market. One of the most rapidly growing smartphone brands today is the Chinese giants, Xiaomi who are a company well known for patenting unique new smartphones with innovative designs and features which have not come in any other smartphone or electronic device ever before. 

Keeping up with their trend of introducing innovative technology, Xiaomi has just published a patent for a camera module which can be detached from the back of the phone when and if required. This patent was shared on the internet by 91Mobiles and it shows that the device which will support this new feature has a full-screen display on the front without any front camera. The reason for this is because the main camera, found at the back of the smartphone can be detached from the body and can be used as the primary selfie camera, sounds remarkable does it not?

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In addition, in patent Xiaomi also shows that the main camera has multiple sensors on it and that these cameras can also be used as the front camera. The camera’s default layout is vertical, but it can be used in any orientation when its being operated as the selfie camera. It is still not clear as to how this mechanism functions, but folks at Xiaomi will likely enable it with through the use of magnets which will be incorporated in the device. In addition, there are also multiple camera layouts shown in the patent, the first one is a pill-shaped dual camera setup, and the second one is a quad-camera module incorporated in a circular setup. 

It should be noted, that this is not the first time we have seen a phone which has detachable cameras as OPPO recently published a similar patent in 2019. As with every other patent, the design may soon be launched or it might never be launched, we will have to wait and see if the patent holds true, so we urge you not to get overly excited with the new patent. We can’t say anything about this particular design but Xiaomi’s foldable phone is likely to be launched this year


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