Xiaomi Pilot Technology for autonomous driving is unveiled

Xiaomi Pilot Technology for autonomous driving is unveiled

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi Xiaomi is working hard to develop an electric autonomous vehicle. Xiaomi has made a significant investment in the creation of the Xiaomi automobile brand since May 2021. Xiaomi President Lei Jun has revealed its in-house autonomous driving technology known as Xiaomi Pilot Technology. The latest technique is currently being created by Xiaomi’s R&D team, which has received the sum of $500 million.

Xiaomi Pilot Technology Xiaomi Pilot Technology is a significant milestone in the quest of an EV from Xiaomi. It’s described as the next generation of self-driving technology. Xiaomi has released a video that outlines the latest self-driving technology. Xiaomi claims it will be a leader in the smart EV market in 2024. It has recruited more than 500 experts to make up the R&D team behind its EV goals. Xiaomi has also made a number of strategic acquisitions and investments in the course of its development. The CEO of Xiaomi believes that the team has exceeded previous expectations, which is proof of the high-quality team that was recruited.

Xiaomi claims it will continue to attract talent from around the world into the R&D team, which will grow to 600 people at the close in the calendar year. The company has sought out the expertise of AI experts and other companies. It is planning to fully build the technology required to enable Xiaomi’s Xiaomi autonomous EV without inputs from third-party sources as well as in record-breaking time.One of the most important purchases included Shendong Technology, an autonomous driving company.

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It’s an excellent move, since it enabled Xiaomi the ability to instantly tap into the ST technology and architecture that were already in place. Additional investments in the development of talent and expertise are being planned by Xiaomi and will be made in the near future. Xiaomi already is directly involved in around 10 autonomous driving solution companies. Both the hardware and software aspects of Pilot Technology will be supervised by Xiaomi and the future is positive.

Xiaomi Pilot Technology Xiaomi Pilot Technology will feature automatic charging of robotic arms as well as autonomous valet parking, reserved parking spaces and a variety of other new services. A test fleet of 140 vehicles will signal the start of the brand new autonomous driving system. Xiaomi has committed up to $10 billion of investment in the production of autonomous electric vehicles. The company hopes to meet its goals in the next two years.


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