Xiaomi is one company which continues to expand its product portfolio and over the years the company has entered new markets to do just that. The company has for long hinted that the MIJIA ecosystem products are what is an important part of the company which is postured as an internet company. The MIJIA brand is home to smart home products and in recent times we have seen a deviation from IoT gadgets such as smart door lock, smart switch, smoke alarm etc, to big home/kitchen gadgets like the MIJIA washing machine, air-conditioners and even refrigerators.

The Chinese giants have now revealed to us that they are all set to launch a new refrigerator. The product has already been teased by the folks at Xiaomi on a Weibo post  and the teaser contains a render of the supposed product. The picture suggests the MIJIA refrigerator will come with either a two-door double cabin or two-door single cabin design. If it is a two-door fridge, then the size promises to be very large. Any details regarding the product are still to be released by the company however,it is believed that it may have a display on the outside just like the high-end refrigerators we have seen from two other companies such as  LG and Samsung. Of course, the fridge may come with smart connectivity features as is common with Xiaomi products but we are not sure about that.

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An air-cooled refrigeration system is typically located outdoors and is subject to its surrounding ambient temperatures but can be kept indoor. It is cooled by heat transfer into the air and so must be kept in well ventilated area.This product is one of four major household appliances. The other three include the Smart TV, air-conditioner and washing machine. Xiaomi first released the Mi TV series in 2013 and presently, the brand is the no. 1 highest-selling TV in China. The MIJIA Air Conditioner is equally a top-selling product with up to 1 million units sold annually. The washing and drying machine released recently is still a hot-selling one.


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