So we can definitely say for sure that in 2019 we will definitely be seeing more than just a ‘few’ folding smartphones, one is already se to come from the Chinese cellphone makers we all know as Xiaomi. The  president and co-founder of Xiaomi Mr.Bin Lin has shared a video online which shows users a prototype of their version of the folding smartphone, but it’s not the same design we’ve seen from Samsungand Royale. In the case of Xiaomi they say that they have designed the  world’s first double folding smartphone, and it looks pretty impressive in all honesty.

So what does Xiaomi mean when the mention the double folding term? Well according the video shared by the company, wecan see in the video, which starts off with co-founder Lin using a device with a tablet-sized screen before he turns it on its side and folds in either side. At the same time, we see the center of the display resize to a more normal sized smartphone and. In a brief spin round at the end, you can see the two side flaps neatly folded at the back. Uptill this moment we have only seen smartphones which fold in half, quite like the mechanism we see on a reverse book, and sometimes have two screens. The Xiaomi’s version of the idea only has a single screen.

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Moreover in the message posted on the Weibo social network, where we saw the video for the very firsttime, Mr. Lin wrote how Xiaomi has overcome some of the technical problems associated with folding smartphones, including developing a new type of hinge technology and making sure the software works correctly. Despite this, the version of MIUI on the prototype device still shows teething problems when the screen alters shape and size. While we’d imagine this will be cured before it’s released, it’s evidence of the challenge manufacturers have when it come to adapting software for this type of screen.

So now the peopleonly have one question om their minds, Will this phone ever be released by Xiaomi, Well in response to that, Xiaomi is asking people for their feedback regarding the said prototype and says that if it’s positive, then they will surely consider the possibility of putting the device into mass production for the reach of all the potential consumers of the device but Xiaomi is also asking for help on the name, mentioning the Xiaomi Dual Flex or Mix Flex for now, but adds it’s open to suggestion for alternative names for the quoted device. On Twitter, Xiaomi’s global spokesperson Donovan Sung says the phone is, “Double the folding, double the fun,” and Xiaomi’s senior vice president Wang Xiang tweetedthat the phone is a world first, and “pretty cool innovation”.

Xiaomi shows off its take on the foldable smartphone, you will definitely love it

Now its pretty hard to disagree with the idea that Xiaomi has up for show, keepingtheir notable Software stutters aside, it’s an impressive looking device, mostly because the folded phone does not look as heavy or bulky as other phones in the market whichis essential if we’re going to carry a folding smartphone around in a pocket and that too for everyday use and now the model for the ideal folding smartphones is still being formed, so it’s great to see the different alternative styles being experimented with by manufacturers. Also, Xiaomi has been a pioneer with cutting-edge tech in the past — the Mi Mix and its bezel-less screen,  so expectations are pretty high right about now.


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