Looks like Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is now getting in the news for all the wrong reasons. Indeed if we recall how Samsung, as well as Apple, discovered to slow their phones with aging batteries – and also did so while also sanctioning it in Italy. And now, it seems as if Xiaomi is on a similar path as well – if the latest discovery by XDA developers is anything to go by.

Indeed those down at XDA have actually gone on to discover a set of code within the recently released Mi Security app version 5.6.0 – which brings about new battery care as well as charging settings. The settings of course include clues that Xiaomi will actually start issuing a warning and also lower the charging speed if the MIUI OS goes on to detect that the smartphone has an “unauthorized battery” installed right under the hood. The warning prompt includes instructions that only authorized service providers should replaced the phone’s battery. There is also another warning that using an “unauthorized” battery can end up in damaging the device or even harm the user.

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The code also goes on to show that this new warning will only in fact be restricted to users based in China and will specific to Mi 9, 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Thankfully though, the warning won’t be shown to users of the affected models or any other Xiaomi phones based in other regions. However, for now, it cannot be actually confirmed whether or not the warning has affected the users outside of China.

For now then, we cannot exactly say whether Xiaomi will end up replicating this in the future in other markets but believe actually that there may be legitimate reasons so as to why the company would want to do this. But this has nonetheless landed the brand in deep waters as it is.


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