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HomeBusinessSo the new XiaomiMi Box S has some pretty cool new features.

So the new XiaomiMi Box S has some pretty cool new features.

XiaomiMi Some of these features include Streams in 4K; it has an android TV 8.1 and a Google assistant to save you some troubles.

As you all must know today was all about the Google pixel 3 and othter technological products that Google launched at their annual event in New York. Alongside Google there was another Enterprise that launched a new product. Xiaomi lauched the new and improved streaming device XiaomiMi Box S. This is an upgraded version of their previous model Xiaomi MI Box, a media streaming device that Xiaomi launched in 2016 and like the previous model the XiaomiMi Box S also streams in 4K and is built on Android TV.

However unlike the previous model, the XiaomiMi Box S comes packed with the lastest version of Android TV that Google has so far produced, the android 8.1 Oreo and has a built in Google Assistant Function and to make things more efficient it has a button at the top of its remote dedicated to give you quicker access to Google Assistant voice Commands alongside a dedicated button for Netflix and right next to that a button for Live TV which is innovative considering the fact that technology is getting less complex than before and now offers you simpler ways to carryingout multiple tasks.

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With new models come upgrades and Xiaomi did not let us down, they upgraded their specs, included a quad-core CPU with a Mali-450 GPU which is deemed pretty powerful in accordance with the device, a Ram of 2GB , Bluetooth 4.2, 8GB Rom , one HDMI port, audio output and one USB 2.0 port and also comes with the feature of Chromecast.

In all honesty the Xiaomi MI Box S is set to deliver a very similar experience compared to its predecessor but with a relatively cheaper price than the XiaomiMi Box launched in 2016 which was $69 which is surprising. This new model however will cost you only $60 and considering more functionality at a lower price it seems like a good deal for the consumers who are willing to buy such products.

You can pre-order it now from the exclusive retailer Wal-Mart by going to thier website with the pre-orders to start shipping by October 19 and the device set to launch in stores by early November it does sound like a perfect holiday gift idea!


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