So the world has been introducedto what seems to be the next big innovation in the mobile phone industry. Major companies such as Samsung and Huawei have already introduced their foldable phones and many consumers all around the world were excited to see this new innovation. The new devices from both sides however, packed with very heftyprice tags which came out of course. Samsung Galaxy Fold currentlygoes for a price of approximately $1980 and Huawei mate X costs the consumer about $2600. Now at those price tags, most people won’t be getting a foldable phone any time soon as this is a luxury which can only be afforded by the very rich.

This is where the Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi will come to save the experience for the rest, Xiaomi is also looking to launch their take on the foldable device and that too with a much cheaper price. Now these devices will have a different design to their competitors but users will still get the “foldable experience”, Xiaomi have in turn announced to launch two foldable devices, Mi Flex, and Mi Fold, at half the price of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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The device will hit markets at price of $999 which will allow more consumers to buy this new innovation and in turn get the folding smartphone experience, which is seemingly the growing trend in the industry. Now just like the Galaxy Fold, Mi Flex and Fold will also come packed with an OLED display which will be made by Xiaomi in collaboration with Visonex technology. The smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 855 chipset and will pack a large 10 GB of RAM. Other than this there are currentlynot many details regarding the phone, but the smartphone will reportedly launch somewhere between the months of April and June, but no fixed date has been announced as yetMoreover, in terms of the design that Mi Flex and Mi Fold will be featuring, we think these will be the best. The phone will reportedly have a slim profile and an exquisite look, but only time will tell how the final design of the phone will look like.


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