Many companies over the years have gone on to offer smartphone/PC integration, as Huawei turned up the heat with its Huawei Share functionality, while Samsung as well as Microsoft deliver on with tighter integration via the Your Phone app.

And now, it seems as if it is Xiaomi’s turn to deliver a similar feature as XDA-Developers have spotted as well as confirmed a so-called Device Control app which goes on to showcase the latest MIUI 12 beta for the Mi 10 Ultra.

Much similar to what the Your Phone app does in making way for users to control their Samsung phones in Windows, the Xiaomi Device Control app too makes way for users to essentially control their phone from a compatible PC. To a more specific degree : the app’s ‘Screen Combo’ feature lets you broadcast your smartphone screen on your PC via WiFi while also allowing you to transfer files in this manner, making use of drag-and-drop actions.

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It is also believed that users will be allowed the opportunity to launch multiple windows of their phone’s screen so as to make way for running several apps on the PC. And so in theory, those who would want to use a messaging app along with a food delivery app at the very same time could actually manage to do so.

It is being noted that the app for now and of course its functionality is just limited to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and the Mi Notebook Pro 15 2020 laptop however, it is also expected that the support for more devices will soon follow in the future. It is also being reported along with all this that the app should indeed make way with a launch next month – with a stable release to follow in the month of October.


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